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Badge YellowB
Kevin Earl vo5gc Crompton Classic

Blackhall 2016

Trevor Hogg vo12 Jannelle Welch

Eddie Bonas vase of 3

Pink Francesco

EddieBonasvo3GCPink Francesco
GordonDowson vo3selfSeedling

Trevor Hogg's winning vase of 12 Schubert

Kevin Earl's vase of 3

Crompton Classic


Another highly successful show at Blackhall the carnation classes were very well represented with six entries in the vase of 12 class and fourteen in the vase of five.  In total there were 220 blooms exhibited which is excellent for only five classes.  Winning honours went to Trever Hogg for a vase of 12 Schubert.  Kevin Earl took the vase of 5 with Crompton Classic. other winners were Gordon Dowson with an excellent new white seedling and Eddie Bonas with a vase of three Pink Francesco.

Gordon Dowson's vase of 3 seedlings