On these pages you will find information on Carnations in the North East and from across the nation.  Carnations are becoming more popular as each season passes.  We have received praise wherever we have been, we have shows in Garden Centres around the area and we would be delighted to see you there.  We hope you like what you see on the website we try to  update the site as often as possible and always welcome suggestions from viewers of the site.  

Details on how to join the society are on the Membership page

I have a few requests from new members asking if I could source some PF plants for them, if anyone has a few spare plants please let me know all costs etc. will be paid by the purchaser.


National Garden Scheme

Once again we have been contacted by the North East Division of the National Garden Scheme, they kindly keep us informed of events and offer through their scheme.  There latest brochure is now available for download and can be viewed by using the link provided here  https://online.fliphtml5.com/prkad/zfgq/?1643827891896  


The NGS is a charitable organisation and raises money for a number of worthy causes many in our area.

Please take time to read their booklet it gives details of participating gardens in the North East, 

Society Meeting and AGM 2nd March 2022


There were a few changes made at the AGM

 The members agreed to the following: - 

  • The society will hold one show this year and it will be the first weekend in August.  Venue to be Dobbies Garden Centre Birtley Staging from 8.00am.  All Society Championships being held on this day along with the BNCS Border Championships. 

  • It was also agreed that the subscriptions to be changed to a calendar year, i.e., January 1st—December 31st. 

  • It was also agreed that the next AGM will now be held in April along with a plant sale. 

  • Meetings to start again at our regular venue which has just finished being refurbished, next meeting Wednesday April 6th.

  • We will also hold a Zoom meeting in November as a trial meeting  



Greetings fellow members,


I do hope you are all safe and well and for those in isolation that you are not  climbing the walls in desperation, my thanks to those who keep in touch I really appreciate their concern, as the PM keeps saying we live in unprecedented times, and fairly early on I realized I was going to have to make some very difficult decisions and since show venues were being dropped off the calender by the week decided not to grow for the show bench but to concentrate on growing some quality mother plants which are doing quite well probably due to  the decent weather we have had, I have two of Tony Tabbinors seedlings that have run up to bud and looking good its a bit like xmas waiting for them to open and hoping they will make the grade for the show bench or just be a vase flower,now no one likes to throw out a plant they have nurtured for months so if they just go out in the garden and look colourful and pretty "GREAT", although for a couple of days it blew a gale on the hill  and cold with it, at one point I feared for the green house however we survived  and soldier on, and just very shortly I should be able to start taking a few cuttings in the hopes that this time next year we will be back to some sort of normality in what ever shape or normality chance to take, on a lighter note I do miss hopping into the car and call on family, or meet Dennis and Audrey, Keith and Gill for the ocaisional coffee, and I have yet to meet my two new greatgrandaughters, but do hope that whatever you are growing I hope that its all doing well and wish you all the best, stay safe and I hope to see you sooner rather than later.


My best regards Fay.


The Great North Carnation Society

Affiliated to the BNCS

Growing Pinks, Border Carnations and Perpetual Flowering Carnations

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2020/21 Subscription Details

Will members please note that Subscriptions are now due, the rates are the same as previous at £4 for single members and £5 for joint.  You will not be able to pay at the meetings for the forseeable future, would members please post their subsciption to us or use the newPayPal option on the membership page

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